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Research Projects

Laboratory Based Research

  1. The Surface Profile of Retrieved and Virgin Total Hip Replacement Femoral Head Tapers – a study examining the surface profiles of prostheses and the correlation of wear with patient demographics and time implanted. Submitted to the Orthopaedic Research Society, August 1999.

  2. The Surface Profiles of Mobile Bearing Total Knee Prosthesis – Comparison of Proximal and Distal Articulating Interfaces – examining the differences in surface profile between designs and between the two interfaces within the same prosthesis. Submitted to both the World Biomaterials Congress and the University of NSW Tow Prize Committee, September 1999.

  3. The Contact Surface Area and Pressure Distribution of Mobile Bearing Total Knee Prostheses – utilising the Tekscan apparatus to examine currently available prosthetic designs in terms of the contact area and pressure distribution throughout the range of motion.

  4. Bone Graft Substitutes in a Rabbit Tibial Slot Model Defect – appraising the mechanical, histological and immunological differences between commercially available bone substitutes.

  5. The Effect of Different Surface Finishes on the Rate and Degree of Bone Ingrowth in a bicortical Sheep Tibial Model – evaluating the effect of hydroxyapatite and porous surfaces on bone ingrowth.

  6. The Expression of BMP and SMAD’s in A Rat Fracture Model – assessing the degree of extra and intracellular activation in the rat fracture model with regard to time from fracture.

  7. Animal Model Fat Emboli

Clinical Based Research

  1. An intraoperative Measurement of Femoral Offset in Australian Patients - Comparison with Commercially Available Designs and Other Modalities of Measurement - using a digital point tracking system to enable more accurate intraoperative measurement to assist in the future development of more suitable prostheses.

  2. The Exchange of Polyethylene Liners in Total Joint Arthroplasty of the Lower Limb - an analysis of hip and knee revision surgery.

  3. The Clinical and Functional Outcomes of Total Hip Arthroplasty for Congenital Hip Dysplasia.

  4. Take Down Hip Fusion to total hip replacement.

  5. Novel way of Imaging Fat Emboli.


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